Refrain From Hastily Changing Your Last Name On Official Documents – Advice From Married Women In The Media

Drawing from her personal experience, well-known Nigerian media personality Shade Ladipo has counseled married women against hastily changing their surnames on official documents.

Ladipo considered herself fortunate to have avoided changing her surname during her marriage, which ultimately resulted in a divorce.

She emphasized that women work very hard to build their brands and that they should think twice before changing their last names, especially on official documents.

Ladipo shared her guidance on social media, particularly Instagram:

“I’m quite happy that I didn’t rush into doing anything when I got married. Switching up my name. How could I have developed the “Shade Ladipo” brand for more than 20 years only to have it renamed overnight?

“When they see my father, some people assume he’s Shade Ladipo’s dad. You’ve put too much effort into developing your brand, sis. Particularly with legal papers, take your time making changes. There’s no rush, so take your time, I promise.”

Her advice emphasizes how critical it is to maintain one’s sense of self and brand value while a marriage evolves.

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