Shatta Wale Attacks Despite

The 02 concert by Medikal has raised a lot of questions around traditional media and internet airspace.

When Miss Gee from UTV called Medikal for an interview about his concert, she also chose to inquire about Fella Makafui’s upcoming movie premiere, “RESONANCE.” Taking offense, Medikal instructed Miss Gee on how a competent journalist should pose such questions. In a video he made to support his best friend Medikal, Shatta Wale attacked Despite.

He used the statement “Despite owning a UTV, he must accept responsibility for everything that occurs there” to illustrate his point. Will Despite be amused if someone claims that cocaine is packaged in a neat fufu manner? Shatta Wale enquired.The rumors will hurt his business, so he will be extremely irritated. So why do they try to ruin Medikal’s performance or company by making absurd inquiries like did Medikal cover the cost of each artist’s plane ticket?

Also how can you ask a relationship question after such a successful show.

We are awaiting UTV’s reaction. Visit our Instagram profile by clicking the link below to view the videos.

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