Sister Derby Says, “I Was Hurt When Medikal And Fella Shoved Their Relationship In My Face.”

Sister Derby has shared her feelings over seeing Fella Makafui and Medikal, her ex-partner, flaunt their relationship on social media.

The socialite from Ghana has always maintained that Medikal’s adultery with Fella Makafui was the reason behind the breakup of her relationship with him.

In a recent development, though, Sister Derby has stated that although she was not very distressed by Medikal’s departure, she was bothered by the way he and Fella openly flaunted their new relationship, which she perceived as a mocking.

Sister Derby remarked, “I didn’t really care about their relationship but for him, I wished him well,” during a talk with Zionfelix. It was painful, of course, because she was making fun of me and they were rubbing it in my face. I never spoke to her or made fun of her, even during those instances. I agreed to that.

She also brought up cruel comments made by members of the public, which made her breakup with Medikal even more emotionally taxing.

People assuming I am desperate for a marriage was the painful part. Stupid remarks like “marry now” and “no one wants to marry you” were spoken. As in, really? Is it true that nobody wants to be my spouse? It’s absurd,” she continued.

Sister Derby disclosed the details of her previous relationship with Medikal, saying, “In the two years we were together, we never disagreed on anything, we never fought.” It was simply the Fella problem.

“Oh no,” she said in response to a question regarding Medikal’s temperament as a spouse. He wasn’t at all challenging to date.

Following a combined performance with Medikal at his O2 Indigo show in London, Sister Derby made these remarks, which sparked rumors about a potential romantic comeback.

This incident transpired subsequent to Medikal declaring his split from Fella Makafui and his single status.

Regarding her present relationship with Medikal, Sister Derby says:

Prior to this, Sister Derby made it clear that her performance alongside Medikal was a gesture of solidarity for a friend and “sweet ex.”

She emphasized that their communication is solely business-related.

“To express my support for my friend, my sweet ex, I went on stage with him. I was happy to accept the invitation. We’ve worked together musically, and we still have a cordial but business-oriented relationship,” she said.

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