Strongman Engaged In An Accident

Osei Kwaku Vincent, also known as Strongman Burner, is a musician from Ghana who was recently engaged in an accident.

According to reports, the event happened in the Ashanti Region on the Mamponteng road.

His car was reportedly rear-ended by an approaching Sprinter car that tried to pass him but didn’t execute the pass well.

According to accounts, the collision was not severe enough to inflict major damage, therefore there were no fatalities or serious injuries reported.

Strongman is shown in a video posted to Express GH TV’s YouTube account, clearly agitated by the other driver’s careless driving.

Remain calm and wait for me to move into a safe spot or give me a signal if you wish to pass me. I had to pull over so that others could cross the street. This is not ideal. Were you expecting me to stop moving as people were crossing the street?” The rapper conveyed his frustration by saying in Twi.

Strongman was involved in a collision on the Mamponteng road in Ahwea, according to the narrator of the film. Some damage was caused to his automobile by the other vehicle striking it from behind. Strongman is furious at the other driver’s actions.”

The musician continued to voice his disapproval of the situation despite not being hurt.

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