The Ghanaian Chefs’ Association Claims That Chef Smith Utilized Our Emblem Without Permission

Even though Chef Ebenezer Smith displayed the Chefs’ Association of Ghana insignia prominently during his alleged record-breaking cook-a-thon, it has since been established that he is not a member of the association.

When Mr. Smith attended the event, he wore a blazer with the association’s official insignia on it, giving the appearance that the association supported and condoned his attempt to set a record for the longest single cooking session.

Peter Agbovi, the Chefs’ Association’s National Secretary, asserts that Mr. Smith has never actually enrolled as a member of the organization.

Mr. Smith was informed that he needed to formally join the association in order to correct this misrepresentation, but he failed to do so.

“We saw that during his attempt at the cook-a-thon, he was sporting a jacket with our logo on it. We got in touch with him right away to make it clear that he needed to register as a member of the Chefs’ Association of Ghana before he could use our logo.

“Because he wasn’t an official member and didn’t finish the registration procedure when we contacted him, he didn’t post his films on our social media channels throughout the event. We didn’t hear from him after the cook-a-thon until yesterday, when he gave a press conference,” Mr. Peter Agbovi revealed in a GHOne TV interview.

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