The Movie Scene Features Kanayo O. Kanayo Welcoming His First Son.

As he begins his career in the film industry, renowned Nollywood actor Kanayo O. Kanayo has proudly introduced his son Clinton Onyeze.

The star took a moment before filming one of his movie sequences to introduce his kid to the team, giving him the positions of assistant production manager and personal assistant.

In order to preserve a professional atmosphere, Kanayo O. Kanayo insisted that his kid be treated equally by the team and that there be no special treatment.

He made it apparent that Clinton would be paid for his services.

He added that his son had recently graduated from Babcock University and was working as an intern to get real-world experience in management and filmmaking.

In order to provide their children with a greater appreciation and understanding of the film industry, Kanayo O. Kanayo urged his colleagues and fans to provide their children with comparable chances.

“We resumed filming today,” he stated. As my personal assistant and assistant to the assistant production manager, my son Clinton Onyeze Mbaise, joins the team. In order to gain experience in filmmaking and management before continuing his education, he is an intern. To foster an appreciation for the sector, we ought to let our kids to work in our companies or other businesses. Bravo, Onyeze. Simpliciter Associates Productions welcomes you on board.

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