The Reason Behind Camidoh’s Lack Of Attention

Camidoh, a well-known musician in Ghana, has provided explanations for his time away from the spotlight.

In a May 10 interview with TV3, Camidoh explained that he had arranged a creative camp in order to polish his next music project, which was the reason for his absence from the media.

He clarified that his attention was on the impending project. He was less active on social media, a channel he typically uses, as a result.

I have been occupied. I planned a camp to invite some artists to discuss the music I’ve been producing. You wouldn’t have time for social media when you’re working on something truly unique.

“I never imagined myself to be someone like that. Although I spend a lot of time on social media, I’ve been concentrating on the project this time around,” he stated.

In order to help him refine the future initiative, Camidoh described it as such: he had assembled a group of creatives and industry players.

Labels have been known to do it. They travel to Ghana, rent large apartments, and then extend invitations to various producers. Because I am self-sufficient, I wanted to do it for myself. I then gave some imaginative producers, songwriters, and performers a call. He stated, “We completed it in Aburi.

The “Sugarcane” hitmaker continued, saying it paid off because he got insightful criticism on his work, which will soon be revealed.

They just take in everything you do. They helped me make corrections to some of the records and listened to me,” he claimed.

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