The Reason Omar Sheriff Faded From The Public Eye Is Explained.

Many Ghanaians used to like watching the actor Omar Sheriff Captan on their screens.

The actor, who was formerly well-known for his romantic parts in movies like “Outrage” and “Dark Sands,” appeared to disappear from the public view in 2013, which gave rise to rumors that he had given up acting to pursue farming.

In 2024, Omar Sheriff has disclosed his reasons for taking a break from the spotlight.

During the performance of Latif Abubakar’s play “The License,” Omar refuted reports that he had given up acting in an interview with Graphic Showbiz.

“I didn’t really stop performing. I continued to be actively involved with film. Simply put, I made the decision to be behind the cameras during that time rather than in front of them. I was a cinematographer instead than an actor, which is why no one was seeing me.

“I’m back to my original love, but as a cameraman, my work took me to many different nations. I traveled to photograph productions in Kenya, Tanzania, and other locations. Being in the spotlight again feels amazing. I’ve been missed, and the reception has convinced me of that,” he remarked.

Omar Sheriff also shared his delight about getting back into acting, saying that the positive response he’s gotten has confirmed the devotion of his fans.

He went on to say that he’s willing to work behind the scenes as well as perform when called upon.

“I’ll continue to work behind the scenes and simultaneously shoot as an actor if necessary. Thus, I’m juggling my roles as a crew member and a performer,” he continued.

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