The “Sing-Alikes” Of Ernest Opoku And Daddy Lumba Who Paved The Way For The Ghanaian Music Industry

When you listen to their music on headphones without any visual cues, it gets difficult to tell these different voices apart.

The unique sound of the late great Daddy Lumba and his group of Ghanaian musicians, who emulated his vocal style, has been pleasing our ears for decades.

Highlife musicians with vocals and a style similar of Daddy Lumba include Kofi Nti, Ofori Amponsah, Dada KD, and the now-evangelist Papa Shee.

There is a comparable trend among some gospel performers.

Without mentioning Brother Sammy, whose voice is akin to Ernest Opoku’s, the roster wouldn’t be complete.

It’s interesting to note that Ofori Amponsah and other vocal doppelgängers were formerly Lumba’s apprentices.

It has also been confirmed by Ernest Opoku that he previously tutored Brother Sammy.

Daddy Lumba had an impact on Ofori Amponsah’s vocal journey?

With a string of songs under their belt, Ofori Amponsah and Daddy Lumba, who became well-known together in the late 1990s, have cemented their place in Ghanaian music history.

Songs like “Ku me preko,” “Wo da a da,” “Odo mmra fie,” “Jane,” and “Wonkoa” are the results of their extensive partnership.

Ofori Amponsah credited Daddy Lumba as his mentor in a number of interviews, saying that he taught him the ropes before becoming well-known in the business.

He has frequently conveyed his deep regard and appreciation for Daddy Lumba, emphasizing the influence the musician had on his career.

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