Throughout My Three Years At Wesley Girls – Zanetor Rawlings, No Male Ever Asked Me To Marry Him

Zanetor Agyeman-Rawlings, the MP for Klottey Korle, revealed that she did not receive a single proposal from any boy in her three years at Wesley Girls’ Senior High School.

Her interactions with students from other universities were restricted due to the stringent disciplinary standards of her school, which she blamed to this.

The MP made it clear that her priorities stayed on her studies and that no guy, not even a student, ever made romantic overtures to her during her time at SHS.

Host Bola Ray posed the question, “During your time at Wesley Girls, did any guy ever approach you with a compliment about your beauty, expressing a desire to date you or be your boyfriend?” in an episode of the Starr Chat program.

Zanetor calmly answered, “No, but visiting days were limited at Wesley Girls; you couldn’t just show there without warning. Visitors had to register at a table manned by older students with their details and the person they wished to visit upon arrival. The visitor would then receive a summons from the student.

Thus, it was a planned procedure. By the way, it wasn’t only for me. That was the accepted practice. There weren’t many opportunities for engagement, which may have just made me naive.”

In the meantime, the lawmaker talked about one of the well-known accusations made against her father, the late former President Jerry John Rawlings, concerning a purported boyfriend of hers who had been left bald after having his hair chopped with a shattered bottle by the military.

When Selassie O’Sullivan-Djentuh, the putative lover, filed an asylum claim with the British Home Office in the UK in 2000, he claimed that after ending his relationship with a young Dr. Zanetor Agyeman-Rawlings, he was beaten by soldiers.

To the Castle, the administrative center, I was driven. Once again, I was pummeled after being pulled from the van. A rusted old blade and a broken bottle were used to shave me. My hair was to be presented to the President, I was informed. They added that they received a directive from the President to murder me and throw my corpse into the ocean. I am aware that I had a lot of hair. “Whether it was truly brought to the President, I’m not sure,” Selassie remarked.

Although Zanetor added that the event was related to a land dispute, she did note that she had broken off her connection with Selassie at the time of the incident.

“My dad had nothing to do with that,” she recalled. The explanation I had heard about how it all occurred is that there was a land dispute and a military personnel involved. We weren’t even pals at the time. This occurred far after both he and I had made our own decisions. As a result, this was a little odd at first, but politics again—I believe the story was appropriate for the moment.

The fact that the tale wasn’t true and that no space was being given for the true version of the story to be told because no one really wanted to hear it at the time troubled me a lot since, at the time, I felt rather unfairly treated. Furthermore, you know, I was young and was just performing my little side project at the time. And I found this to be really upsetting in the end.

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