Usher Says, “I Don’t Eat On Wednesdays”

Usher, an R&B musician, has revealed shocking details about his unusual exercise and eating regimen. As part of his fitness routine, Usher says he avoids eating any meals on Wednesdays. This is in preparation for his upcoming “Past, Present, Future” tour, which begins in August.

“I fast, not because I’m religious, but because my grandmother did,” he remarked. Wednesdays are when I fast. I usually try to start Wednesday at 11 p.m., and then spend the entire day drinking water.

Usher, who is well-known for the song “Yeah!,” revealed that he typically waits to eat until after working out in the morning. When he does have breakfast, he usually chooses eggs, doesn’t have a favorite way to cook them.

“I occasionally eat cheese-scrambled eggs,” Usher remarked. “Generally speaking, I prefer them overcooked or poached. However, I prefer not to eat breakfast before working out or engaging in any physical activity, such as going for a stroll, stretching, yoga, or simply being outside and increasing my body’s temperature. I then have dinner.

Before he eats breakfast or starts any physical exercise in the morning, Usher disclosed that part of his regimen involves self-reflection and meditation.

The “My Boo” singer reflected on his intense training for his highly anticipated Super Bowl halftime show in February, calling it the “hardest 15 minutes” of his life. He also mentioned that he had to maintain a low-carb diet.

It did need me to regularly work out every day in order for me to be able to pursue [the halftime show] in the manner that I needed to – vocally, energetically, spiritually, and physically. Usher said, “I didn’t really have the time to do a lot of other things.” “The previous night, I was taking care of my body and eating a very strict, low-carb diet when I woke up the next day.”

Usher revealed that he used walking, knee activations, and reverse walking as part of his regular gym practice to strengthen his quadriceps, knees, and glutes. He also lifts weights, rides a bike, and swims to stay in shape.

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