What Caused Ay Poyoo To “Leave” Ghana For Nigeria

Ay Poyoo, a rapper and singer from Ghana, has shared his reasons for leaving the country’s music scene.

Recall that Ay Poyoo encountered difficulties following the removal of his music from internet retailers as a result of a disagreement with Aborga Records, his previous label.

Ay Poyoo said in a video released in April 2024 that he had found it difficult to start afresh, which had an effect on his reputation and financial security.

He joined TMY Empire in November 2023 and has been active in Nigeria ever then. He is now signed with them.

On May 3, 2024, Ay Poyoo spoke candidly on Hitz FM about his decision to move from Ghana to Nigeria, saying that his goal was to deepen his grasp of music.

He continued by saying that he had the chance to learn about music thanks to the emergence of Afrobeats in Nigeria.

“I’ve explained my departure on social media, but my primary motivation was a desire to expand my knowledge of music. I went to Nigeria primarily because of how popular Afrobeats is there. I had to move there because I wanted to learn more about the music business, composition, composing, and songwriting.

Ay Poyoo acknowledged the support he got during his career when asked if it had influenced his decision. However, he pointed out that he was abandoned halfway through his ascent to the top.

“Everyone has helped me in my profession and given me encouragement. The issue is that I had to move on because they abandoned me en route to the promised land.

“I had a large following and support system outside of Nigeria even before I relocated there.

Regarding the fallout from his issues with his previous label, Ay Poyoo stated that he didn’t do it out of hatred for Ghanaians but rather because he wanted the best for other budding artists in the business.

“I’m glad I gained some knowledge from it. People will assume that my actions were motivated by a dislike of Ghanaians. Nevertheless, that is untrue.

“The reason I spoke up about it was because I didn’t want my brothers who are coming up in the industry to go through what I went through,” he stated.

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