What Happened During An Interview When Amerado’s Mother Phoned Him

While promoting his new song “Broken Heart” (TinTonTan) live on radio, Ghanaian rapper Amerado received a call from his mother, Maame Gyamfua. It was an emotional and humorous occasion.

Amerado, whose actual name is Derrick Sarfo Kantanka, had called the Daybreak Hitz show as part of her “ritual” of calling to see how he was doing each morning. Andy Dosty, the host of the show, instantly got her attention by asking about her son.

Maame Gyamfua talked about her plans for Amerado’s future, saying that she wanted him to follow God’s plan, which included finishing school, starting a family, and succeeding in his work.

“He’s getting married shortly; he’s getting married as soon as he finishes school. She added, “I’ve already told him I want two kids.”

She said her relatable recent song, which was about heartbreak, in response to a question about her favorite song by her son.

“I adore all of his songs, but my favorite is the new one about heartbreak. It makes me think of what I went through,” she said.

Despite her children’s worries, she disclosed that she intends to find new love and even has a suitor in mind.

“I even have a suitor, but my children don’t want it; they are afraid I will get another broken heart,” she stated.

She abruptly ended the call in shock after realizing she was on the radio, which ended the interview.

With his successful song “Kweku Ananse” nominated for both Highlife Song of the Year and Popular Song of the Year at the 2024 TGMAs, Amerado is currently aiming to win a Telecel Ghana Music Award.

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