When Musicians Gripe About Award Systems, Pay Little Attention To Them – Nacee

The public has been urged by renowned Ghanaian gospel singer Nacee to disregard musicians’ complaints regarding the nation’s award systems.

He argues that because artists are sensitive individuals, it is inappropriate to take seriously their criticism of award programs, particularly if they are not nominated.

In an interview with TV3 on May 3, 2024, Nacee expressed his opinions about the value of music award programs such as the Telecel Ghana Music Awards (TGMA) in Ghana, particularly in light of the event’s 25th anniversary of recognizing musical talent.

Nacee conceded that although performers have a tendency to criticize award programs, they also take satisfaction in their achievements, particularly when they occur on global stages.

“We musicians are highly sensitive individuals. We make the scheme feel as though it hasn’t accomplished anything in our circles by criticizing the nomination list each time it is released.

When we are asked if we have won any accolades as musicians during interviews conducted outside of Ghana, we are happy to respond with pride, ‘Yes, I have won so, so, and so awards.'”

“Our emotions are running high. You can be nominated as an artist, but you will still be upset if you notice categories in which you were hoping to be recognized and you are not. Thus, they must not pay attention to us,” he declared.

Recognizing the influence of the TGMA on the music industry, he called for corporate organizations to sponsor award programs such as the TGMAs, stressing the difficulties in planning such events and the necessity of corporate assistance.

“The plan has, in my opinion, performed incredibly effectively. It’s not easy to establish a program, so we just need to assist them and encourage them from the corporate sector. We commend them for enduring this level of guidance and direction for a quarter of a century,” he remarked.

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