Why Does Kanayo O. Kanayo Think That Humans Are A “Endangered Species”?

Veteran of Nollywood Kanayo O. Kanayo has expressed concerns about men being treated like “endangered species.”

Kanayo highlighted her dissatisfaction with affluent males frequently lavishing money on female performers during an appearance on the podcast “The Honest Bunch,” which is co-hosted by Husband Material and Deity Cole. He feels that, despite their equal brilliance and commitment to their job, male performers are perceived as not putting forth enough effort because of this.

He bemoaned, “A lot of wealthy Nigerian men patronize our women and give them perks that make us look like we are not working hard enough.”

“These wealthy men frequently spend so much on our female colleagues that it depresses us,” he went on. When you call a female, she accepts you as her boyfriend. She then asks for money—between N100 million and N150 million—for a production, and you give it to her. However, you would advise me to “go and work hard, my friend” if I were you, KOK.

“Let’s talk about this since I’ve never seen a lady seek for help paying for medical bills. Men are constantly involved. What I’m trying to imply is that we are becoming into an endangered species.”

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