You Beg Too Much, Find A Job To Do – Maa Linda Tells Funny Face

Comedian Funny Face has received some guidance from well-known Ghanaian TikToker Linda Osei, also referred to as Maa Linda, on how to handle the challenging situations he finds himself in.

She said it’s about time the troubled comedian pulled himself together and figured out a way to make enough money to support himself and his close family.

She pointed out that Funny Face should stop doing such things since it does not reflect well on him that he constantly turns to the public for financial assistance and consolation in order to get through his problems.

Speaking during a live TikTok session that YesGhana was watching, Linda suggested that the comic find a job instead of always asking for help from the public.

“I think Ghanaians have pampered you for too long. You claim to be at age 43, which means you are not a baby who should be fed. This is the time for you to be vigilant and deal with the issues.

“Because you get support from the public when you need money, it appears you are becoming complacent. I could recall that at least, you have begged Ghanaians more than four times to solicit funds. You’re not too big to work at a filling station or do other things to earn an income. Put yourself together and do something,” she said.

t will be recalled that Funny Face, upon thorough reflection, admitted to being a nuisance to Ghanaians. In that regard, he pleaded for forgiveness and the chance to restore the broken trust.

He said in his interview with Kofi TV that although his actions were not deliberate, he has taken sole responsibility for them and will, henceforth, take gradual steps towards becoming a better person.

“I feel like a new person who is taking life seriously now. I have caused problems for myself. I won’t blame anyone for what I went through.

“The world is scary but I am the major factor of my problems. I am the major cause of my problems. Now everyone is fed up with me and that is the level I’ve gotten to but nobody will understand what I am going through.

“I need the favour of God and the favour of Ghanaians. It is never my will that after all these years of labour, I will destroy everything again with my hands,” he said.

He called on companies for collaboration, considering his huge following on social media.

Funny Face granted bail

Meanwhile, Funny Face was granted bail on Tuesday, April 9, 2024, after spending two weeks in police custody. The Kasoa-Akweley District Court granted the actor bail in the sum of GH¢120,000 with two sureties.

He is expected to reappear in court in four weeks as investigations into the accident continue.

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