Yvonne Nelson Is Calling For Support And Organizing Another #DumsorMustStop Demonstration.

Renowned Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson has resorted to social media to solicit support from her fellow countrymen in light of the continuous power disruptions.

After making vague allusions to planning a fresh dumsor demonstration like to the one in 2015, she has now released an official statement detailing her intentions.

In retrospect, Yvonne organized the #DumsorMustStop vigil in 2015, which was attended by prominent people such D Black, Van Vicker, Kofi Bentil of Imani Ghana, Prince David Osei, Efya, Sarkodie, Barima Sidney, DKB, and others.

She expressed her concern over the return of catastrophic power outages on Twitter on April 30, 2024, and she asked for everyone to take action to hold the government responsible.


Ghanaians are being energized for more activity by Yvonne Nelson amidst the ongoing power problems.

“In 2015, I led the DumsorMustStop Campaign to hold our leaders responsible for the inadequate electricity supply afflicting our country, with the help of Kofi Bentil, Prince David Osei, D Black, Van Vicker, Efya, Sarkodie, Barima Sidney, and DKB, among others. Even though there were many obstacles and resistance, we banded together to demand change and that the then-governing government take action.


“Looking ahead to the present, it is depressing to see Dumsor reappear, putting a cloud over our advancement and growth as a country. I never thought we’d be in this predicament again, and it’s quite concerning that it will last for such a long time. Imani Ghana, who originally backed the DumsorMustStop Campaign, has been contacted via social media in light of these alarming developments to discuss the potential of holding another vigil. Parts of her message were, “We must unite once more to demand accountability and action from our leaders.”



Yvonne pointed out that several of the people who took part in the 2015 vigil, such as Kofi Bentil, appeared to have switched their allegiance to the current government.

She made these insights while highlighting the fact that the fight against Dumsor transcends political boundaries and urging unity within the country to address this pressing matter.

“Some activists, like Kofi Bentil, who received legal assistance from Imani Ghana, seem to have sided with the current administration since the 2015 movement. However, Yvonne noted, “the fight against Dumsor is a national issue that calls for the solidarity of all Ghanaians; it is not a political fight.

She also emphasized the need of teamwork and solidarity, admitting that she cannot overcome this obstacle on her alone.

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