Former IBF Judge Asks Kweku Baako To Stop Commenting On Issues

Former IBF Judge Asks Kweku Baako To Stop Commenting On Issues

A former Ghanaian judge at the International Boxing Federation (IBF) called on the editor-in-chief of the New Crusading Guide, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako Jr, not to comment on public issues.

Confidence Hiagbe says the veteran journalist is’ unfit’ to discuss any public affairs as he spent nearly 26 years smoking the banned substance marijuana.

“He can continue operating his New Crusading Guide but it will be hypocritical for him to go and sit [on radio and TV] and comment on social matters,” he stated.

In 2014, Mr Baako Jr. announced on the news review programme’ NewsFile’ of Joy News that he used to smoke marijuana when contributing to a debate on demands for the legalisation of marijuana in Ghana.

The former Ghana Boxing Association (GBA) judge said he was inspired by Mr Baako’s storey to quit smoking wee and now wants to expose his crime by resigning as a boxing judge from his position.

He also ordered other people in the country’s high-ranking public offices to resign from their positions as they are dishonest to the nation and residents.

“It is criminal if you smoke marijuana and you are caught. It is also dishonourable if you smoke marijuana and you are not caught,” he said.

Mr Hiagbe added, “move away from public light if you smoke or you have even quit smoking because you have a stain on yourself and unworthy of serving the country.”

The former IBF judge believes if smokers should atone for their sins while on earth they will not have to pay for their sins in the hereafter.

“If you were not caught, it is because you are a ‘smooth criminal’ it doesn’t change the fact that you are still a criminal.”

Mr Hiagbe tended his resignation on November 14, 2019, to the President of IBF stating that he wishes to quit his job solely based on moral grounds.

“I hereby purge my conscience by stepping down as IBF Boxing Judge with immediate effect. You are hereby advised not to schedule any international fights for me again,” his letter read.

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