Former MP Receives Vehicle From Rawlings

Former President Rawlings presenting the car to Madam Pomary

Former Member of Parliament for Hohoe North, Patience Esi Pomary provided the KIA Sorento Sports Utility Vehicle by former President Jerry John Rawlings at a brief ceremony in his office in Ridge, Accra, on Tuesday.

Describing Mrs. Pomary as a real patriot who devoted most of her life to the good of her individuals “with little to show for it,” the former president said that he had chosen to help the former MP at her request a few months earlier.

Former President Rawlings said that Mrs. Pomary’s dedication and selfless commitment to her people was very commendable and expressed the hope that those who dedicate their lives to the good of their communities and their country will be recognised by their own to inspire others.

The former President also expressed his sincere gratitude to all those who, in various ways, assist him in supporting persons who require medical assistance, school fees, living expenses and a host of other challenges, citing the Office of the Chief of Staff as a prominent supporter of such causes.

An emotional Mrs. Pomary expressed her gratitude to the former President for his support, stating that she was overwhelmed by the gesture.

Madam Pomary challenged and won the 1991 parliamentary primaries against two male opponents. During the first Parliament of the Fourth Republic, from 1992 to 1996, she was the only female member of the Parliament of the Volta Region.

Originally from Adina in the Ketu district, in the 1970s, Mrs. Pomary moved to Hohoe as an employee of the Ghana Cocoa Marketing Board. She was a cadre during the revolutionary days and a member of the Women’s Movement on 31 December. She was also a member of the constituent assembly that drafted the constitution of 1992.

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