Ghanaians Have Zero Inspiration For Success, We Hardly Celebrate Successful People – Oscar Doe

Ghanaians have zero inspiration for success; we hardly celebrate successful people - Oscar Doe

Oscar Yao Doe, a business mogul, has once again reflected on the self-inflicted misfortune Ghana has brought upon itself as a country that has seen the country yet to produce its first certified billionaire.

King Oscar also lamented the Ghanaian people’s negative attitudes, which he said had a negative impact on the people’s common prosperity.

In a recent government article, the Chairman of the Doscar Group asked why Ghana has no more than 10 officially-defined multimillionaires and why Ghanaians do not own the top 20 companies in the nation. For him, Ghana’s people pay more attention to frivolities rather than focusing more energy on what could bring general prosperity to all.

Read the post below:

“We Are Told Ghana Is The Best Performing Economy In The World. (Is It That Same) Ghana Without Any Officially-declared Billionaire? (The Same) Ghana That Do Not Have More Than 10 Officially-declared Mere Millionaire Or Multi-millionaires? So, Who Is The Economy Performing For? And Where? Jokers Society!

Most Ghanaians Go To School To Read And Then Come Back To The Society (Only) To Gossip About Nothing! They Become Leaders Of Hearsays. Persons That Went To Cambridge, Harvard, Yale And So So University?

Ghana Got Her Independence Over 60 Years Ago, But Without Any Officially-delared Billionaire till date! We Are A Sick Society! A Society Of Talkers Of Big English, But With No Evidence Of Celebrating Our Successful People! Anyway, We Shall Go And Worship At The Cathedral!

A Country Where Success Must Be Hidden Under Carpet! Victims Galore Everywhere! We Are Heading To Become Ghana Beyond Aid But Without Any Proof Of Successful Individuals; Sorrowful Haven, Ghana!

Something Doesn’t (Just) Add Up! Ghana, Let’s Go To Church To Solve Our Problems Overnight! Let’s Build A Cathedral To Sing Hail Mary! Ghana, Our Grammar Speaking, Perfect Society Without Any Officially-declared Billionaire. Weird!

I Have Seen Many Rich People In Ghana, In The Night Clubs, Who Do Not Buy Any Champagne. Weird! In Ghana, We Perceive Timidity As Humility. We Perceive Backward Fashion As Being Humble! Beautiful Ghana, Our Dear Love! The Coming Generations Are In Troubled Waters! Sad! (We Have) Zero Inspiration About Success! The Truth”.

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