God Saved Me – Uncle Ebo Whyte Reveals ‘Juju’ On him

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Renowned playwright James Ebo Whyte, popularly known as Uncle Ebo Whyte, gave a chilling account of how God spared him by praying after a discovery that “many men” had “taken him somewhere.”

According to him, the revelation was made by a man of God during a church service to a lady whose name he gave as Esther.

He said there were “strange” things in his life after Esther, in fact, told his wife that the prediction was about death two years ago before his birthday.

On more than five occasions, Uncle Ebo Whyte said that different people told his wife about the visions they had about his death at different times.

“I had taken it seriously from Day One,” he said on TV3’s New Day on Tuesday, October 8 in an exclusive interview.

He revealed how a relative on the same morning had a similar dream of his death as the daughter of that relative had such a dream as well.

“So, I intensified my prayer,” he stressed.

He said it wasn’t a matter for him to ask a man of God to pray for him.

“I believe that God hears us when we pray. I also believe that each of us is as close to God as anyone can be.”

Upon surviving the scare, he said he wanted to do “something wild” and that’s what inspired one of his plays on stage, A Wild Trip.

Last year, a Crazy Ride was part of Roverman Productions ‘ 10th anniversary.

It was Uncle Ebo Whyte’s one-man show and he wowed customers with it by doing the unexpected of him like dancing and playing reggae music.

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