GOIL Initiated Into Petroleum Company Hall Of Fame

GOIL Initiated Into Petroleum Company Hall Of Fame

GOIL Company Limited, the nation’s leading indigenous oil marketing company, joined the coveted 2018 Hall of Fame class after chalking four consecutive feats as the 2015, 2016 2017 and 2018 CIMG Petroleum Firm of the Year.

GOIL also won the 2018 Advertising-Oriented Company at the CIMG’s 30th National Anniversary Marketing Awards to highlight distinguishing pillars of’ customer and competitor focus, corporate competitiveness philosophy, and interdisciplinary business.’

GOIL at night was also recognized as a legacy brand honored by CIMG for keeping its business running for the past 30 years and more and leading in its’ small way by being a trial blazer and leader of thinking.

Mr Kwamena Bartels GOIL Board Chairman said the company made a combined profit after GH tax on the achievement?81.9 million contributing to GOIL’s growth.

“Over the past five years, the average profit after tax of the organization rose by 20 percent per year. After GH tax GOIL made a consolidated profit?81.9 million, up 26% in 2018. GOIL’s resources grew 30 percent from GH as a group?To GH 1,036 billion?There are 1,346 billion.

Earnings per share increased from around 17 pesewas per share to 21 pesewas per share, “reported Mr Kwamena Bartels.

Mr Kwamena Bartels said GOIL is committed to achieving a goal of “zero harm” for the workers, customers and communities they work in on health, safety, security and environment issues.

Measures such as hazard recognition, risk assessment, occupational audits and inspection were carried out to ensure that the target was fully realized.

Rigorous security measures with the aid of the Ghana Police Service to protect lives and property have largely been effective in dissuading armed robbers and other criminals from GOIL service stations, particularly those in remote areas where armed robbers have rampantly attacked.

Mr Bartels said that GOIL is now accredited 14001:2015 (EMS) through dedication and hard work.

He noted that in order to boost productivity and ensure a solid future, GOIL has embarked on significant portfolio diversification.

Therefore, he asked investors to remain faithful to GOIL.

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