“I Only Ate Rice And Chicken In France” Michael Essien

Former midfielder of the Black Stars, Michael Essien revealed that because of nutrition reasons, his time at Bastia was the most difficult period in his football career.

But according to him, having had a lot of difficulties settling down in France due to the language and his inability to consume any other food except rice and chicken, the journey to the top was not smooth.

The worst thing was that I wasn’t able to speak the language when I went to France. So, it will be the toughest thing for me. And, clearly, the only thing I could eat was rice and chicken,’ he said on the official YouTube channel of Nordsjaelland.

“But the food side didn’t bother me at all, but it was the language bit, so I’m happy with my teammates, practising, and playing once I’m on the pitch.”

Essien, however, added that when a French instructor was assigned to him, things got better.

“But then they have to find me a teacher who can teach me the language and so after every training session I’ll have like another two or three hours learning the language, the French language.”

“And after six-seven months, I could practically understand everything, and then I started speaking French.”


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