In This Pandemic You Can’t Be Selfish – M.anifest

Kwame Ametepee Tsikata, popularly known in the music scene as M.anifest. Has said the Coronavirus pandemic has taught people to look out for each other. Since the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus pandemic. Life has almost come to a standstill. Whiles many have lamented the disadvantages the pandemic brings to the creative industry. Others have used the opportunity for serious money making.

M.anifest told Bernard Avle on his Point of View show. That COVID-19 has become a positive path for humanity to forge ahead in times of difficulty, get back to the basics of humanity, survival. Most importantly where people are no longer selfish, but rather look out for each other. He said even as a creative person. It doesn’t feel right to tweet about a project on social media hoping your supporters will go and listen to it. But rather, the pandemic has allowed people to rather share messages that uplift each other and inspire others.

He Also Said :

“In this pandemic, you cannot be selfish anymore, your messages should contribute to the welfare of others. E.g you can’t just put out a single and tell people to go and listen,”

M.anifest took the chance to advise his fellow creative artistes to use the opportunity COVID-19 has presented.To learn new crafts or to better the skills they already have.

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