I’ve Always Had A Backup Plan – Lydia Forson

Lydia Forson has said the coronavirus pandemic has been difficult for her. But she always had a Plan B, so she has not suffered hugely like others have. According to her, what she has grasped during this period is that the pandemic forces one to be more creative. She said the COVID-19 period for her is also a relearning period, and before the lockdown was instituted. Lydia and her team had already sat down and decided what to do.

She told Bernard Avle on his Point of View Show. That as a creative person, she knew she couldn’t go out there on set to film or to produce any movies. But she used social media to reach out to her millions of followers, stayed in touch with them, and also used the opportunity to introduce her other businesses to them.

Lydia Said:

“There is always something you can do. The great thing about what I do is I don’t limit myself to only one thing. So even though this is difficult, I am not hit that hard. When we were on lockdown. I told myself I may not be able to go on set, but I am a creative, I am an actress, I entertain people, what can I do within my four corners. So it forces you to go into creative mood,”

Lydia Forson said it is unfortunate that the system does not allow artistes to make enough money from their creativity, even while using social media. She advised investors to put in the structures to enable them monetize their work.

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