John Dumelo Sympathizes With Flood Victims

John Dumelo Meets Tamale Students

John Dumelo, the parliamentary candidate for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) ticket for the Ayawaso West Wuogon Constituency, sympathised with the flood victims in his district.

The actor turned politician has been seen striding in the muddy waters that have displaced people and left many stranded, per the video he posted on social media.John Dumelo vowed to address the issue when he was elected to power by the citizens of the constituency in the next general election on 7 December 2020.


“How long will we continue to leave our Western people in this condition when it rains? We were stopped when we tried to fix this, but in Ayawaso West, those who stopped us have yet to do anything about this. Take my word, when elected, I will fix this! # changeiscoming#idey4uu”

It would be recalled that sometime this year, John Dumelo took up a personal initiative to construct a multipurpose bridge for people in his constituency who are worse affected anytime it rains.

The local assembly stopped works on the bridge after excavators and other logistics were procured and were on site. According to the assembly, John Dumelo did not seek permission before the start of the act of benevolence thus it was stopped.

However, the absence of the bridge that John Dumelo was constructing had left many stranded after the heavy downpour early today.

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