KMA Assures Traders Over Kejetia Market

The Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) claims there has been transparent allocation of rooms and stores on the Kejetia Market.

The Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) claims there has been transparent allocation of rooms and stores on the Kejetia Market.

It said from the very start, with regard to the distribution, the KMA had cooperated with the appropriate stakeholders, particularly traders.

The response of the KMA followed allegations of non-transparency leveled by some traders against the assembly concerning space distribution on the market.

The traders demanded the immediate occupation of the shops at a news conference in Kumasi last Monday, saying that some of their members could no longer return to the temporary trading points at various locations in the city after the city authorities had strictly enforced the law.

They also asked the KMA to allow them to pay 20 percent of the shops ‘ costs and spread the rest without interest over a period of time.

They also called for the release of allocation papers as a matter of urgency to all key market traders.

Reaction However, the KMA stressed in a press release later that same day that the assembly and the traders had a fruitful cooperation on how traders would be transferred to the Kejetia market in a peaceful atmosphere in the supreme interest of Kumasi’s development.

“For example, just last week, at a meeting between the KMA and the traders, it was agreed that traders ‘ lawyers and the KMA should meet and work out the payment plan for Kejetia Market shops for the mutual benefit of both parties,” the statement said.

The declaration said, “these organizations made some demands, including their willingness to occupy the stores instantly; pay 20% of the shop’s price and settle the remainder later; and that the KMA should speed up the release of traders ‘ allocation papers.”

“The assembly is completely stunned by the Kejetia traders ‘ sudden U-turn, the Concerned Central Market Traders Association, and the 11-member steering committee to hold an unexpected press conference to criticize us,” said the KMA.

Records The assembly said it was committed to ensuring that complete activities began on the Kejetia Market.

“At lightning speed, the assembly worked to issue 5,799 allocations to traders, representing 70% of the total number of traders. Of the 5,799 traders who received their allocation papers, 1,227 also produced some payments (engagement fees) ranging from 1% to 100%.

“Some of these traders have obtained keys to their stores, whose payments are important,” the declaration added.

It said the fresh application of the traders to be permitted to pay a premium of 20 percent and the remainder was new to the KMA spread over a period of time without interest.

“The KMA considers the traders as our main partners; this fresh application would therefore be forwarded for account to the board.”

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