MTN Provides 5Million Jobs For People In Africa – CEO

MTN Provides 5Million Jobs For People In Africa - CEO

Rob Shuter, CEO of MTN Telecom Giant, said the company has hired five million people on the African continent over the past twenty-five years.

Likewise, he said the company has developed high-speed networks covering 560 million people and linked 30 million people across the continent via MTN Mobile Money to the advantages of fast, cost-effective mobile financial services.

He said this when MTN Group unveiled its “We’re Better Together” campaign on Monday, October 7, 2019.

The telecom company said in a statement:

“It aims to demonstrate how we can change lives by enhancing digital access, increasing financial inclusion, empowering and supporting SMEs, creating jobs and large community development, among many others, in collaboration with our host countries. As a pan-African organisation with profoundly rooted roots on the continent, MTN tells its story that doing good business goes far beyond corporate social investment initiatives. “Speaking of MTN’s position on the continent, Group CEO and Chairman Rob Shuter said:” To unlock Africa’s potential and ensure that our youth are employed productively, we need sustainable, safe and secure jobs. In addition, this will help the global agenda of growth and national priorities. As one of Africa’s major infrastructure players, MTN will drive this digital inclusion through partnership and collaboration. “Significant progress has been made by the international telecommunications industry on the Sustainable Development Goals, but more needs to be done to address the digital divide and MTN is ready to do its part, the press release said.

MTN has been a major contributor to the economies and societies within which we work since its establishment 25 years ago.

Most of this has been about the infrastructure that is the foundation of the economies in which they work, and often that helps people to connect in the most remote areas. Our activities have also become an increasingly wider part of the economy through various initiatives including job creation and mobile money.

“MTN has developed high-speed networks covering 560 million people over the past 25 years, creating jobs for over 5 million people and connecting 30 million people across the continent via MTN Mobile Money to the benefits of fast, cost-effective mobile financial services,” Shuter said.

MTN has also been working to use this vast mobile scope and technology to allow access to education in order to promote and enable online teaching and learning. This was motivated by our goal of empowering students with the necessary knowledge to seize opportunities, improve their quality of life, and achieve their ambitions.

“MTN succeeds only if it succeeds in Africa. Being a development partner also means that we have a duty to empower young people in every country in which we work to unlock economic opportunities. Therefore, we have increased our emphasis on demonstrating more effectively what can be accomplished by working together to create a shared value system and drive a prosperous Africa, “Shuter added.

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