Music Is Not Simple, Shatta Wale Tells Youth

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Shatta Wale, a dancehall musician, warned Ghana’s youth not to believe that going into music is a conduit for success.

According to him, most young people are moved by the glamorous lives of social media celebrities and are inclined to assume that the secret to success is to venture into music.

For him, before you can get everything you want in the music business, there is the need to 
work extremely hard, so no one should be misled that getting into music would make them popular and rich.
“Ok, I’m just driving, and I feel like I have to share it with most of the young people out there. Of late, most teens feel like thinking, music is the shortcut to yes, then you’re a star. In this lifetime, my guy, if you don’t struggle for what you want to go wrong, I swear you’re going to think you’re going to do it, but nothing’s going to work for you”.
“You people should avoid seeing music as one of the easiest opportunities in which you can go fit and become stars quickly. You’re a wild Niggha. It’s just you wasting your time. I was battling for mine”.

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