NPP Chairman Jailed For Attempting To Bribe DCE

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Yaw Sam Nyamade, the Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Supom in the Atewa Constituency, has been jailed for a year for attempting to bribe the District Chief Executive (DCE) of the area, Paul Asamoah, to allow some illegal miners to work freely.

According to the 51-year-old farmer, he was asked to hand over a contribution of three thousand Ghana cedis from some illegal miners in the area to the DCE, who was on the miners’ tail, confiscating their equipment in order to discourage them from their activities due to the environmental threat they pose.

Mr. Nyamade claims that, while he was also opposed to illegal mining, he was concerned that the ruling party was becoming unpopular as a result of the DCE’s efforts to stamp out illegal activity.

“I applauded the DCE when I heard he had seized some equipment of the illegal miners. I even thought of contacting him to see how I can also support him,” he said.

He added, ‘One of the ‘galamseyers’ met me and complained to me about the DCE’s actions. The DCE had burnt their equipment so they were no longer working. He told me they thought of contributing some amount of money for the DCE to allow them to retrieve their equipment.’

Mr. Nyamade stated that the ‘galamseyers’ later offered him a contribution of two thousand five hundred Ghana cedis that the miners had made to be given to the DCE.

“When I went to the DCE, he welcomed me warmly. I told him the reason I had come and he asked me to place the money on his table. After that he called the police to arrest me,” he wept.

Mr. Nyamade said he was arraigned before court the next day and was sentenced to twelve months in jail.

Mr. Nyamade who has served only three months of his sentence said his regret is that he has left his seven children behind including two-year-old twins without care.

“I am a widower and the only person taking care of the children. I do not know how they are faring now. My cocoa farm which is my source of income is also been destroyed,” he cried.

The Ambassador Extraordinaire of Ghana Prisons, Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng advised the general public to take a cue from Nyamade’s story to desist from engaging in acts of bribery.

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