Enokay Caught On Live Camera After Faking That He Won Over 100 Million On Sporty Bet

Enokay claimed to have won GHC190,800 in an interview with 3music. However, when they checked the betting platform, they discovered that he had only staked GHC 0.30 and won GHC 1.27 .

According to a video seen by Yes Ghana Online, Enokay has no idea about the “Tsatsa” bet and is involved in a covert business where he uses the bet to conceal his losses.

Enokay also shared a screenshot of his bet slip, showing that he won GHC 190,800 and that he had staked GHC 45,000. The odds of his bet were also included in the screenshot, which allows you to verify the amount you wager and the amount you win. As confirmed, he had only staked GHC 0.30.

Enokay is only doing that, according to a comment on his interview, in order to trend.

Question asked ” What Business Is Enokay Into and he is posting fake Bet Slips” ? And how long has he been doing that?

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