Found In A River, The Young Lady Had A Sack Full Of Stones Wrapped Around Her Waist.

Under strange circumstances, a young woman was discovered in River Afram in the Eastern Region.

Her body was discovered by the villagers in the Akotoe settlement drifting close to the riverbank.

Witnesses hurried to town right away to alert the local elders.

When a group was gathered the next morning to revisit the location, they discovered unsettling evidence that pointed to foul play.

The 18-year-old victim’s attackers appeared to have tried to hide her body by tying a sack full of stones around her waist when the victim was discovered.

She was visible because the weight was unable to completely engulf her.

An official report was submitted with the police, and authorities were swiftly notified.

Since then, the body has been found and brought to the Accra police hospital morgue for additional examination.

“They raced to town to report to an elderly person after spotting something floating on the river. When they got closer, they discovered it was a human body that had drowned. When they gathered the next morning and visited the location, they saw that it was a young woman, but they refrained from touching her body. In order to file an official report, they went to the police, according to Akor Samuel Odehi.

The National Disaster Management Organization’s District Director, Akor Samuel Odehi, affirmed this to Kasapa FM.

He went on, “They told me that they discovered the young woman, who was probably eighteen, had been murdered when they went to get the body. In an attempt to hide the body from view, they wrapped a sack full of stones around the woman’s waist and looped it around her waist. However, the body was still floating.

The circumstances surrounding the young woman’s death are still a source of curiosity, which keeps the neighborhood on edge.

It coincides with the recent, unexplained deaths of women in the Krobo enclave.

Recently, one suspect was taken into custody.

He is said to have admitted to the murders, but he maintained that he was hired by a chop bar owner to carry out certain rites.

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