In July, UGMC Will Carry Out Two More Kidney Transplants

Building on the success of six such procedures last month, UGMC plans to undertake two more kidney transplants this month.

There are two men and four women among the patients, who are all Ghanaians between the ages of 25 and 54.

The head of UGMC’s urology department, Dr. Emmanuel Asante, gave some insight into the triumphant transplants that occurred last month.

He praised the team’s perseverance in overcoming obstacles and showed off the center’s proficiency in intricate surgical interventions and post-operative care, characterizing the processes as flawless.

“The center’s capabilities in complex surgical interventions and post-operative care were showcased,” he said, highlighting the team’s determination to overcome obstacles and ensure a seamless treatment.

In an interview with Graphic Online, Barbara Owusu-Hemeng, the Media Affairs Manager at UGMC, said that the first six patients received organs from friends or relatives because the hospital lacked an organ bank.

She said that while attempts are being made to lower costs for the common citizen, each kidney transplant at UGMC currently costs about $25,000.

Being an academic medical center, UGMC is still the best in Ghana and throughout West Africa for patient care, education, and research.

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