Kumasi Traders Threaten To Launch A Campaign Against The NPP If The Abandoned Marketplaces Are Not Finished.

A warning has been sent to the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) administration by Kumasi and surrounding region traders, who are upset about their disregard for key market initiatives.

The dealers pointed out that since the government decided to request a bailout from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), work on a number of market projects in the region has stopped for the past six months.

Four market projects—the Krofrom Market, Mamponteng Market, Santasi Market, and Phase Two of the Kejetia Market—were found to be unfinished.

In a statement published on May 6, 2024, traders in the Ashanti Region vowed to demonstrate against the government if their grievances were not addressed, as citinewsroom.com has reported.

“If the government fails to complete all the abandoned markets in the Ashanti Region, including the much-awaited Phase Two of the Kejetia Market, we, the entire traders community in Kumasi and its environs, including the Second-hand Cloth Sellers Association, Santasi Traders Union, Suame Magazine Workers Union, Mamponteng Traders Association, Central Market Traders Association, Kumasi Lotto Sellers Association, have jointly decided to initiate a campaign against the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the upcoming 2024 general election,” the statement said.

The group also underlined how sellers are compelled to sell their items in improper conditions, which get worse when it rains, because these abandoned markets are inaccessible.

We are frustrated and disheartened by the government’s inability to reach completion targets. We don’t understand why a project would be started and then abandoned, forcing our fellow merchants to offer their products under unfavorable circumstances.

“Unfavorable weather conditions have a significant impact on our livelihoods; every downpour turns our marketplaces into muddy quagmires, and the intense sun covers the area in dust, making it challenging for us to function efficiently,” the statement continued.

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