Ghana Will Experience An Electoral Tsunami In 2024, According To NDC Man

Members of the NDC have thus been tasked by the Rhodes University biotechnology professor to be prepared.

During the Diaspora Townhall Forum and 2M2 Fundraising Launch, Prof. Wutor made the case that everyone needs to support the movement for a change of government since it has taken on national significance.

“Believe me, ladies and gentlemen, an electoral tsunami will hit Ghana come December this year and we need to be ready for it. As Ghanaians, we deserve better. As of now, it has gone beyond the NDC; I see it more as a national duty call to stand up and change the course of governance in our motherland.”

He tasked the NDC not to disappoint Ghanaians, who are banking their hopes on the party to take over the reign of power to provide them with jobs and address the overwhelming hardship in the country.

“We cannot afford to disappoint the millions of people yearning for John and Jane to take over the governance of Ghana. We cannot let down the youth who need someone to give them hope, create jobs and provide them with a safe environment to thrive.”

Prof. Wutor however, cautioned members of the NDC against complacency. According to him, victory can only be secured with hard work, dedication and sacrifice.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we must work as a team to achieve our goals. the win will not come to us on a silver platter. We have to be ready to defend those votes that will give us the mandate to govern. We must be willing to put in the hard work and sacrifice our time, resources- money and everything else to make it happen,” he stated.

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