I Would Be Ashamed To Show My Face In Public If I Were An NPP Member – Mr Beautiful

Mr. Beautiful, also known as Clement Bonney, has voiced his dissatisfaction with the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s leadership.

The actor voiced his worries about what he believed to be the NPP’s inability to keep its word and provide sufficient support for its members.

“NDC in 4 years built new airports, harbours, more schools, and more hospitals were built.

“But what do the NPP supporters have to show for their toil when you all went to support President Akufo-Addo and his driver’s mate Bawumia for 8 years, what do they have to show for it,” onuaonline.com quoted him to have said in an interview on Onua FM on April 26, 2024.

Mr. Beautiful extended his criticism to fellow actors Kalybos and Agya Koo, who have been supporters of the NPP.

He suggested that if he were in their shoes, he would feel too ashamed to show his face in public due to what he perceives as the lack of tangible progress under the NPP’s tenure.

“If I were Kalybos or Agya Koo, I would cover my head with a scarf because I would be too ashamed to show my face in public.

“It has been 8 years, what do they have to show for it?” he asked.

He acknowledged the impact his support for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) had on his career but affirmed that he would make the same choice again without hesitation or regret.

According to him, his decision gave others the courage to openly declare their political affiliations.

Mr. Beautiful commended individuals, particularly in the Ashanti Region, who have switched their allegiance from the NPP to the NDC.

He argued that given the current state of the Ghanaian economy, they have made the right decision.


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