Suhuyini Claims That The EC Is Planning To Stifle Votes In The 2024 Election.

Tamale North Alhassan Sayibu Suhuyini, a member of parliament, has charged that the Electoral Commission (EC) is trying to stifle votes as part of a massive, but mistaken, plot to rig the December 7, 2024, elections.

He asserts that thousands of votes—roughly 250 votes each constituency—have been repressed by the EC.

He posted on his social media accounts to voice his concerns, advising political parties to remain watchful and not submit to the EC’s purported action.

Alhassan Suhuyini has expressed dissatisfaction with the EC for only allowing registration at its district offices during the 2023 Limited Voter Registration campaign, rather than conducting it at all polling places.

He contends that by making it impossible for many prospective registrants to participate, this judgment effectively denied them the right to vote in the general elections scheduled for December 2024.

The Electoral Commission, among other things, is trying to stifle votes in order to fulfill its mistaken goal of manipulating the results in December. Tomorrow, on May 7, 2024, the EC will begin a limited registration exercise.

After several years without registering, they carried out a similar activity in September of 2023. Previously, voter registration took place at polling places and electoral districts; this time, it was done at their District Offices around the nation.

An excerpt of his post stated, “Despite the challenges, potential voters traveled farther, occasionally in uncomfortable ways, and occasionally slept in the open for days before their data got captured. In most cases, the political parties facilitated and helped to ease the burdens of these potential voters at a high cost.”

The legislator’s charge coincides with mounting discord regarding the impartiality and openness of the election procedure.

He says that the significance of making sure that everyone who is entitled to vote has the chance to register and cast their ballot without interference or repression is highlighted by this discovery regarding vigilance.

Suhuyini further emphasized in his statement the obligations of political parties to protect democracy and guarantee that each and every vote counts.

He went on to say that he believes the electoral system’s integrity is in danger due to the EC’s purported acts, and he demands coordinated action to solve these worries.

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