Profile Of Former Accra Lions Player “Abass Samari”

Former Accra Lions Football player Abass Samari is a gifted and skillful player who is well-known for scoring more goals and taking home multiple MVP awards while competing in the Ghana Premier League.

Samari Abass is a versatile midfield player who can play both attacking and central positions. He is among Ghana football’s greatest and most exceptional players.

In 2020–2021, he played for Young Apostles, a division 1 squad in Sunyani. As a result of his excellent and proficient performance, he was chosen to play for the elite “Accra Lions” team in 2021.


Later, in 2022 Abass Samari was selected for the national under-20 squad; he broke records and was recognized as the finest player, joined the U20 squad to play in France


He was called up to the national under-23 squad one more in 2023. He traveled to play qualifiers against Algeria and Mozambique and won every game.

went to play in the preseason in Egypt against Zamalek and the Egyptian National Under-23 Team. They competed for Morocco under 23 in the AFCON.

In 2023, Abass Samari was able to secure the title of Discovery Player of the Season, took home an award and was well Acknowledged

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