The Government Should Settle WAEC Arrears First, According To Kumbungu MP

Professor Adam Hamza, the Member of Parliament (MP) for the Kumbungu seat, has urged the government to give WAEC funding first priority, highlighting the organization’s vital role in the nation’s advancement of education.

He asserts that if the government does not place a high priority on high-quality education for the country’s development, the country will fail.

“WAEC is owed money by the government, and the meager compensation offered to exam scorers last year has not yet been received.” The problems that WAEC is having are bad for this nation’s educational system. Funds release to WAEC must be prioritized by the government; this is vital. The success of the country depends on high-quality education, therefore if we fail in this area, we fail as a nation,” he said.

The MP said these things in the Kumbungu District when 1,746 mathematical sets were given to applicants taking this year’s Basic Education Certificate Examinations (BECE).

This action is a part of the steps the MP has made to guarantee that every candidate in the district has access to the fundamental study materials needed for the tests.

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