NPP Primaries: Confusion as Delegate Hits EC Official At Odododiodio

Confusion as delegate punches EC official at Odododiodio

The Sacred Heart Senior High School in the Odododio constituency had a short period of chaos after a delegate attacked an official of the Electoral Commission during Saturday morning’s elections.

The person who wished to cast a proxy ballot (voting on a delegate’s behalf) was avoided by the representative of the EC, prompting the official to punch.

But the battle would have escalated for the police’s swift interference on the basis.

District Electoral Officer Ashiedu Keteke, who spoke to, said the delegate had been stopped because he had not followed the proper process. To prevent repeating the same thing he said, applicants were properly informed of the proxy voting information.

“The man who came in wasn’t going through the proper procedure. He should have recognized himself as a proxy voter then the representative of the EC would have taken him through the process.” “The officials of the aspirant complained that they were unaware of proxy voting. But we explained that the vote will be exercised to the electors, “he said.

The current election at the Sacred Heart SHS is anticipated to receive 913 electors including council of elders, council of patrons, managers of constituencies and coordinators.

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