Retiring Pentecost Pastor Donates Pension Money Back To Church

Apostle Patrick Kingsley Ennin and wife

Apostle Patrick Kingsley Ennin and wife

On Sunday, August 18, 2019, Apostle Patrick Kingsley Ennin, head of the Pentecost Church in Ashaiman, left many individuals stunned, astonished and tearful as he gave his entire End of Service Benefits (ESB) back to the Church in support of the newly formed President’s Education Fund at Pentecost University College (PUC).

The announcement was made by Apostle Ennin during his retreat at the James McKeown Temple in the Ashaiman Estate District on the weekend. The Colorful Service was offered by the Secretary General of the Church of Pentecost, Apostle Alexander Nana Yaw Kumi-Larbi.

The unexpected announcement of the gift, which seemed very shocking to the entire congregation, left Apostle Ennin himself, his wife, his kids, and the Secretary General, as well as a part of the congregation, in tears.

The gesture of the retired minister is certainly going to go into the annals of the Church, because it is uncommon for a retired man to donate all that he has to live on to charity for the remainder of his life.

Explaining the reasons for his intervention, Apostle Ennin said that it was the Church that created him who he is today, and that he thought that it was not appropriate for him to take any financial advantage of his service to the Church.

He revealed that, throughout his 33-year ministry, he had never used any transfer proceeds that had been paid to him. He said he used the resources to build church buildings and mission houses for the church.

The Secretary General, Apostle Kumi-Larbi, who had lost his words, applauded the retired minister and his wife for their good spirits. He advised ministers not to make money their primary focus, because God will surely take care of them if they serve Him faithfully.

The Secretary General recounted how Apostle Ennin had used his personal money to support some of the assemblies in building churches and erecting church buildings for some churches and individuals, including two residential buildings for a widow and a retired Nigerian minister.

Touched by his action, the elder of the Church, he also donated a Toyota Land Cruiser V8 car to Apostle Ennin in return for his benevolent gesture. The Elder promised to personally service and fuel the vehicle throughout its lifetime.

In the meantime, a couple in the church’s Ashaiman area have also constructed a 5-bedroom house with a standby facility for Apostle Ennin. All five rooms were fully furnished. Since then, the house and the car have been devoted to the Secretary General.

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