Return All The Plaques You’ve Won – Ghana DJ Awards Organiser To DJ Black

Return All The Plaques You've Won - Ghana DJ Awards Organiser To DJ Black

Merqury Quaye, Merqury Republic’s Chief Executive Officer, the organisers of the 2019 Ghana DJ Awards, questioned why DJ Black would ask him if he won the 2019 Ghana DJ Awards if he ever told organisers that he was not involved.

DJ Black asked him on WhatsApp, according to Quaye, if he won this year’s awards because he didn’t want to attend an event he knew he didn’t win.

“I want to ask DJ Black that if he has told us not to nominate him, how does he slide in my DM (WhatsApp Direct Message) to ask me if he is winning this year, how does that conversation come up?” he quizzed.

Merqury Quaye, who spoke with host Naa Ashorkor on Joy FM’s’ Showbiz A to Z’ on Saturday, said the famous DJ told him privately that he didn’t want tobe re-appointed by the Ghana DJ Awards Committee, but he (Merqury Quaye) advised him to release a statement to that effect.

Instead, when he maintains he is not involved in the honours, he told DJ Black to return all the plaques he had won from his company.

“If you have ever told me not to nominate you for the Ghana DJ Awards, then today I am telling you that all the plaques that have been presented to you by the Ghana DJ Awards, all the prizes that you have received from the Ghana DJ Awards return them, return all the sound systems,” Merqury Quaye said with anger.

Earlier on the same series, DJ Black had said that he wasn’t interested in this year’s DJ awards, especially since he didn’t put up his name for nominations until he found out that he was nominated.

“In the first place I wonder how my name got the nomination anyway because I know I’ve had a private discussion with Merqury Quaye, about not [wanting to be] nominated for a while so when my name got nominated, I was a bit surprised,” Black told Naa Ashorkor.

He added that although he had not asked the organisers to appoint him for the first time, he still noticed his name on the list.

Recently, some controversy surrounding them has often ended with celebrity award programmes in Ghana.

Mostly the assumption is that in awarding the prize, the organisers lie or that the ultimate winner does not deserve it.

This controversy is no different from the recent Ghana DJ Awards in which DJ Switch, 12, was named the’ Year’s Best DJ.’

Entertainment critics also suggested that an honorary award should have been granted to the young DJ as the most promising DJ since winning the ultimate would put a lot more pressure on the young girl instead.

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