Robbers Kill Family & Rape, 4 More Homes At Ada East

Robbers Kill Family & Rape, 4 More Homes At Ada East

In Kasseh and its surroundings in the Ada East District, where brazen and well-armed armed robbers are giving them sleepless nights, both people and police personnel live in fear for their lives, Yes Ghana Online learnt

The people are asking for their assistance from the Inspector General of Police, National Security Adviser, Greater Accra Regional Security Coordinator, Hon Parliament Member for Ada, the Tema Divisional Police Commander.

Eyewitnesses claim the same gang of robbers who killed a whole family three weeks ago and injured others, managed to escape from the police without any intervention.

Residents say police have said they are now afraid for their lives because stronger guns are being used by the robbers.

The robbers returned to the same community on an operation where they robbed home-to-house (4 homes in all) stole huge sums of money, raped women, and shot some of their victims.

Seth Listowell and Nartey Dornu who wrote a statement calling on President Akufo-Addo to take action for them to draw attention to their plight.

As part of our coverage of Community Watch, Yes Ghana Online highlights their plight.

“We know for a fact that, the District police commander and his men are much aware of the menace and because the District police officers have refused to recognize our defence vulnerability after the numerous attacks and shooting of families by those armed robbers, we are calling on you as a matter of urgency to come to our aid”, Listowell and Nartey wrote.

“We cannot sleep at night, we are in total fear. The peace and security we were enjoying have been disturbed by these deviants in our society.” They added.

Traditional rulers, DCEs and others have not been helpful to their people in the Ada East District, Yes Ghana Online learnt.

“The silence of our leaders on this menace is questionable. We are calling on the Paramount chief of Ada, the Hon DCE, the Clergy and all who matters to intervene and to clamp down this menace.” They added.

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