Samuel Ofori Weeps As He Denies Sleeping With Ladies

Ghanaian actor Samuel Ofori recently has been hit by several accusations by his ex-lover in Germany for sleeping and duping ladies under the pretence of having a serious relationship with them.

It would be remembered that some weeks ago a lady based in Germany released audio narrating how the popular actor has been sleeping with ladies in different countries to amass wealth.

Days ago, one of his trusted friends identified as Mr Atta David came out to mention the name of one of their friends also knows as Pepe as the one peddling lies against the actor.

In new audio released by the actor as he reacts to the allegations, he stated that no matter the circumstance one must remain still because God would fight for that person.

According to him, his best friend is the one behind all the audios circulating on social media and all the people around knows what he is saying.

The actor revealed that when the issue came out first, he sent that friend a message asking him to desist from that because it could hurt him soon.

He added that he isn’t a star but he is rather in the limelight thanks to God and this friend of his just trying to destroy him even though he had texted him to stop.

Samuel Ofori in the audio denied all the allegations of him sleeping with ladies for living in Germany.

Watch the video below:

The actor also stated that he knows that he can’t explain himself too much for people to understand but the fact still he is innocent.

He used the opportunity to pray for that friend of his who is the one behind the lie asking God to protect him and his family adding that he still loves him and doesn’t have any hatred against him.

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