Shatta Wale Allegedly Assaults Kweku Smoke For ‘Exposing’ Him

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Shatta Wale, dancehall artist, allegedly launched a physical attack on the upcoming rapper Kweku Smoke for accusing him of theft of song.

The rapper in a video that in the course of the week gained grounds on social media narrated the sequence of events that led to his charges against Shatta Wale.

The issue reached some influential people, according to the rapper “Ye Din,” who advised him to go and meet the singer “Gringo” privately to settle the matter.

Rather, however, the move resulted in an unjustified thugs attack allegedly sent by Shatta Wale.

In a new video, Kweku Smoke claimed that the thugs he believed were hired by Shatta Wale brutalised him and his manager as they attempted to go to Shatta’s house. He added that he also destroyed his vehicle.

Meanwhile, Ghanaian singer Nana Boroo also reacted to Shatta Wale’s growing feud with Kweku Smoke.

In a video reacting to the incident, he said, “You attack @kwekusmoke_ and my manager. You did this mess wale!!”

The “Ahayede” hitmaker vowed to retaliate act. “@shattawalenima I swear you go hear from me. I swear on my life you just bit more than you can chew. Ego over you trust me,” he wrote on Instagram attached to a video in which he warned Shatta Wale.

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