After Fatawu Issahaku Moved To Leicester City, Haruna Iddrisu’s Team Was Set To Get €7.9 Million.

The summer move of Fatawu Issahaku to Leicester City is expected to provide financial benefits to Haruna Iddrisu, the Member of Parliament for Tamale South.

Owner of Ghana’s Division One team Steadfast FC, Haruna Iddrisu, made the player’s €1.2 million transfer to Portuguese club Sporting CP possible.

Following a difficult period in Portugal, Issahaku signed a season-long loan with Leicester City, with the option to buy the player if Leicester made it to the Premier League and Issahaku participated in more than 60% of the games.


Leicester must sign the Ghanaian, who has a €17 million buy-out clause, as their return to the Premier League is confirmed.

A significant factor in Leicester City’s elevation to the Premier League was Issahaku’s involvement in more than 60% of the games.

Half of the transfer’s proceeds will go to Steadfast FC after Leicester City pays €17 million for Issahaku.

Issahaku was acquired by Sporting CP in 2022 for €1.2 million, hence the transfer profit was €15.8 million. Steadfast FC and Sporting CP will split this money, with each club getting €7.9 million.


Issahaku scored six goals and provided thirteen assists, which was a major factor in Leicester City’s promotion.

Karela United of the Ghana Premier League and Steadfast FC are owned by Haruna Iddrisu.

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