Black Stars Otto Addo Discusses His Theory Of Coaching In Detail

Otto Addo, the coach of Ghana, has stated that he desires his players to be able to express themselves freely on the field.

Following back-to-back victories in the World Cup qualifiers, the former Dortmund midfielder started his second spell as head coach of the Black Stars off to a strong start.

After defeating Mali 2-1 in Bamako, the Black Stars survived a scare from the Central African Republic in a thrilling seven-goal match in Kumasi.

Addo claims that his philosophy is somewhat flexible and that he wants his players to be aware of their alternatives when they are on the field.

You can use your creativity after you have the ball in your location. I want kids to be aware of their possibilities. Once more, in this identical scenario, they have options ABCDEFGH and I, which allows them to do everything they want, including dribble, shoot, or do anything else,” he stated to 3 Sports.

He continued, “It’s crucial in my opinion that they understand their options and their own capabilities.”

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