Boxer Freezy Mcbones Clarifies, “I’m Not Dating Delay”

Seth Gyimah, better known by his ring name Freezy Macbones, is a Ghanaian boxer who has made it clear that he is not romantically involved with Deloris Frimpong Manso, also known as Delay.

He conveyed his respect for Delay’s commitment to excellence and her intellectual capacity in handling her personal and work lives well enough to succeed in all of her undertakings.

He realized how beneficial it was to have a friend with Delay’s disposition.

“Delay has a lovely appearance and leads a fulfilling life. Her demeanor has won the admiration of many Ghanaians. even in terms of business, social media, and other matters. She also supports the youth. That’s why having a friend like that is so helpful. He stated on Asempa, “Delay is my buddy.

At public events meant to promote Delay’s business, the boxer is frequently spotted helping her sell goods like bread.

Freezy Macbones insists that their relationship is completely platonic in spite of lingering rumors.

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