Chelsea Supporters Honor Thiago Silva As He Says He’s Leaving The Team

Thiago Silva, the defender who is expected to leave Chelsea at the end of the season, has received tributes from Chelsea supporters on social media, particularly on X (previously Twitter).

In a video that Chelsea posted on social media to announce his departure, the Brazilian thanked the supporters for their support over the course of his time at the team.

“I hold Chelsea in high regard. Although my original plan was to stay for a year, I ended up staying for four. not only for my family but also for myself.


“I believe that during my four years here, I gave everything I did my all. Regretfully, though, everything has a beginning, middle, and finish. That does not imply that this is the last word. I intend to keep the door open so that I can come back soon, albeit in a different capacity. However, it’s an unfathomable affection. All I can say is “thank you.”

Silva joined the London team as a free agent from Paris Saint-Germain, and his four-year tenure there comes to an end with his departure.

Chelsea supporters were ecstatic when the highly regarded center back said that he planned to assume a non-playing job at the team in the future.


During his time at Chelsea, Thiago Silva won the FIFA Club World Cup, the UEFA Super Cup, and the UEFA Champions League.

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