Football Player Toni Kroos Declares His Retirement

Legendary German football player Toni Kroos has declared his retirement from the game.

The Real Madrid player declared in a statement on Tuesday, May 21, 2024, that he will retire from competition following Germany’s hosting of Euro 2024.

After playing for Los Blancos for eleven years and winning 22 titles, Kroos will play his final game for the team on June 1st in the Champions League final against Borussia Dortmund.

With Real Madrid, Kroos won four Spanish Super Cups, five Club World Cups, four European Super Cups, four La Liga titles, one Copa del Rey, and four Champions League championships.

In 2014, he won the World Cup with Germany before moving to Real Madrid.

In addition, he won three Bundesliga titles, three DFB-Pokals, one Club World Cup, one European Super Cup, his first Champions League title, and two German Super Cups with Bayern Munich.

Below is a full statement from Toni Kroos:

In his podcast Einfach Mal Luppen, he declared, “This season is my last.” “I’m positive that this is the right choice for me. I’ve been debating what to do for several months, and while there are advantages and disadvantages as there always are, I’m confident that this is what I want to do.

“I’ve always wanted to leave this club in the greatest possible way, and this is a terrific time to do so because this is one of my best seasons to date. I’m leaving football when I leave Madrid. That is the course of events. I’m going to represent Germany in the European Championship, but I’ve never given thought to switching teams.

“I’ve felt at home in the club, in Spain, and here in Madrid because of the support I’ve received over the last ten years, which makes this club and its fans special.”

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